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Project Highlights

Air Force Electronic Board Operations Support System (eBOSS)

Diligent’s software development & modernization team manages systems lifecycle management through a concerted application of:

  • Skilled/expert architects, developers and engineers
  • Industry standards/practices
  • Tools required for quality application development, maintenance and sustainment, and
  • Control and direction inherent in a professional program management framework

A showcase of our systems lifecycle management framework, Evolution Solution℠, is the Air Force’s eBOSS system. eBOSS, named the most outstanding program at the Air Force Personnel Center for 2012, revolutionized the process of selecting Active Duty, Air National Guard and Air Force Reserve officers for promotion by transforming a time-consuming and paper-based process to a rapid, flexible, fully electronic format. New efficient features like allowing promotion board members to view electronic Officer Selection Records using touch screen technology, leveraging the record retrieval capability of the Automated Records Management System and integrating the capabilities of the Promotion Recommendation Inboard Support Management system, resulted is increased efficiency, significantly reduced workload, and diminished the number and frequency of errors in board preparation, saving significant time and money.

Most significant is the Air Force perspective on eBOSS:

"By utilizing digital records, eBOSS allows the elimination of more than 235,000 duplicate paper records across the total force," said Capt. Terrell Tillery, Air Force Personnel Center selection board secretariat board recorder, "The system is the first of its kind in the Department of Defense.” The boardrooms feature workstations with high-definition, touch-screen monitors with a user interface similar to a smartphone or tablet computer. The workstations are height adjustable to allow board members to sit or stand while scoring records.

"This cutting edge technology can reduce a typical three-week board by two to three days," said Tillery. "Using eBOSS enables board members to navigate, view and score records with a simple touch of their fingertips to the screen when accessing board-related documents. The largest benefits come from pre-board efficiencies for the staff and the elimination of more than 107,000 paper records and the associated records management costs."

Multiple board members will also be able to access the same records at the same time to make the board process more efficient.
"Conducting a selection board requires long hours on behalf of the board members," he said. "Our goal was to create a common board experience that allows members to effectively review and score records in a comfortable setting. Board members are charged with making decisions that directly impact the careers of our total force Airmen.”

Officials said eBOSS will continue to provide the Air Force's decision makers with the highest-fidelity records in a secure environment designed to protect the measure of fairness employed in the selection board process.
"The focus is to maintain a fair and equitable system for all Airmen across the total force," said Col. Ramona Dolson, Air Force selection board secretariat chief. "We will continue to maintain the highest standards while developing and employing the right technology at the right time."

Working with the Air Force, Diligent was able to transform the historical paper process to a fully electronic system, reducing 90% of the board preparation time and the streamlining the board’s execution time by 40%, saving the Air Force over $26M in its first two years of operation.