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Project Highlights

Western and Central Federal Lands Highway Divisions

The Western and Central Federal Lands Highway Divisions (WFLHD/CFLHD) operate as part of the Federal Lands Highway Program, serving the needs of all western and central states. The FLHD actively administers the surveying, design and construction of forest highway systems roads, parkways and park roads, Indian reservation rods, defense access roads and other Federal Lands roads. FLHD also provides training, technology, deployment, engineering services and products to other customers. FLHD heavily relies upon the use of technology to deliver the highest quality of services to their clients. In 2008, WFLHD and CFLHD chose Diligent Consulting Inc. as the prime contractor to provide the following:

  • Full-service help desk, including hardware and software support for over 100 applications
  • Business object enterprise administration
  • Business intelligence
  • Relational Database administration
  • Asset management and administration
  • Maximo Database administration
  • Systems administration and security
  • Web management, including programming support

Diligent has been recognized by the WFLHD and the CFLHD on numerous occasions, including formal recognition for exemplary performance in implementing a PIV card infrastructure. This significant accomplishment enhanced the security of a complex, distributed enterprise environment to enable a viable remote workforce. By effectively facilitating alternative work sites and flexible scheduling, Diligent was a contributor to the Federal Highway Administration being ranked as one of the Top 10 Best Places to Work by the Partnership for Public Services (Work/Life balance and Alternative Work Support categories).