Diligent Consulting Inc

For the past four years (through 2022) the Air Force Medical Readiness Agency (AFMRA) partnered with Diligent to sustain and improve the performance of its Family Advocacy Program Network (FAPNet) system. The FAPNet system supports the Family Advocacy Program (FAP) by creating a common, globally accessible, secure data management and records tracking system for medical staff and military members and their dependents enrolled in the FAP programs.

Diligent implemented FAPNet’s first Agile processes and increased the “velocity” of system improvements to create a culture of making the system better and delighting the customer with enhancements. During the recompetition of the contract, we teamed with our prime vendor Obsidian Global and with their partnership successfully won the contract to continue supporting AFMRA for the next 5 years. The customer and everyone participating in the new contract is overjoyed with the award. With the continuity of expert staff and processes, we will continue supporting the AFMRA customers as we improve FAPNet.

Pete Fredericksen, Diligent’s COO, said, “We are really happy to continue providing and evolving AFMRA’s FAPNet system. Its core software is extremely unique, and we are really blessed to have partnered with Obsidian as their key teammate to continue supporting the FAPNet program and their Air Force customers.”