Diligent Consulting Inc

Diligent experts have been providing software support for key encryption systems for years. With our assistance our new prime vendor, Invictus JV, LLC with their Managing Partner Oasys International, LLC, secured a win for our team to continue serving the Cryptologic and Cyber Systems Division (CCSD) providing the depot level software maintenance for cryptologic products, cryptologic key management products, and cryptologic support products. CCSD aims to deliver advanced cryptologic solutions and cutting-edge cyber capabilities to connect the warfighters to their mission systems.


Our experts maintain and evolve the software supporting critical Command and Control encryption systems including the KG-333, KGV-361, KY-99M, KY-58M, KY-100M, and KYV-5M hardware deployed globally. These systems provide hard encryption for terrestrial and radio communications.  Additionally, we provide software support for the Remote Re-Key (RRK) system providing secure means to transfer key material and securely manage remote cryptological devices supporting North America’s Air Defense Systems.


Our team of highly skilled, mission-oriented experts are the key to continuing to support these critical encryption systems and support systems. Our new prime Invictus has welcomed us and is enthusiastic about supporting these customers and their mission requirements.

Our CEO and founding partner, Dave Cerminaro, is extremely impressed with our team and new prime partner. “Invictus is the right partner to work with and continue evolving and supporting these critical global encryption systems for the DoD. Our experts have been and continue to be driven in this mission area and we are pleased to continue supporting DoD’s command and control communications systems.”